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Jennifer Lawrence’s Lab Recovering From Surgery

Jennifer Lawrence‘s adored labrador retriever “Spinee” has experienced a high-risk operation on Thursday and is fortunately starting the slow process of healing, according to American media reports. The 24-year old actress can be said to have received support and waves and waves as she offered her Twitter followers an update on pooch’s status often. Lawrence portrays Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games films.

Dog In Bed

The Second Chance Dog

From New York Times bestselling writer Jon Katz comes moving memoir, and a shrewd, uplifting of finding love against all odds, as well as the power of second opportunities for both dogs and individuals in this downloadable audiobook.

In 2007, a couple of years after buying Bedlam Farm Jon Katz met with Maria Wulf, a quiet, sensitive artist expecting to rekindle her creative fire. Jon, like her, was introspective however uneasy, a writer struggling to discover his goal.

A rottweiler-shepherd mix who hardly tamed and were left by her previous owner where she lived in the wild for a number of years, Frieda was protective. She charged and roared at virtually anyone. But to Maria, Frieda was true and sweet, faithful friend and her precious guard dog. And Jon immediately recognized that to win over Maria, he had need to develop Frieda’s affection at the same time.

While Maria and Jon grew nearer, Jon was having a rougher time charming Frieda. Yet equipped using endless patience, a remarkable determination, and five hundred dollars’ worth Jon refused to quit on his opportunity with Maria –or on Frieda.

Happy Rottweiler Resting On Green Grass


Rottweiler Documentary

Exceptionally intelligent, true and brave, the Rottweiler is frequently misunderstood. Black Beauty Breed is a feature length documentary that emphasizes the positive skills and character traits which make the Rottweiler and brings the dog you behind picture intimidating an amazing dog. With stunning first movie footage, Black Beauty Breed challenges your understanding of the perceived as shaky and barbarous dogs and captures the soul. Close footage brings you nearer to their vibrant tradition as well as the actual Rottweiler as a working dog that goes back to early Roman times. Fascinating facts relating to this noble breed is going to be shown for the very first time in a movie and certainly will forever alter the Rottweiler’s picture.