Rottweiler Puppy Rescued From The Roof

A starved, Ohio fire fighters rescued in the roofing of her owner’s house panicked Rottweiler puppy named Isis on the weekend .

Tons of onlookers saw Saturday morning as the pooch was carried by first responders to security.

It took firefighters about an hour or so to bring Isis down after the starved had climbed via a hole in the loft of the three-story house.

Neighbor Christopher Gonzalez, who resides across the road, told The Vindicator paper he had phoned authorities regarding the pup that was stranded multiple times, however he considers his report had not been taken seriously.

Isis’ owner, D’Andre Berger, returned through the saving telling authorities that he failed to understand his pet dog had gotten out and had been staying with a buddy the previous week.

Ultimately Saturday at, police officers and fire fighters converged on the house to save the emaciated creature perched on the roof

Fire Fighter Kyle Trimble carried her to safety, and ascended a ladder to attain poor Isis, her bones plainly visible through her skin.

Isis’ owner has transferred possession of the dog. The dog’s well-being improves she’ll be put up for adoption, although the pup is now 30pounds underweight.

D’Andre Berger continues to be mentioned for keeping a dog with no permit.

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